We want you to walk out of our first meeting feeling inspired, your mind buzzing with new ideas. We want to make the entire process of designing and planning your wedding flowers as stress-free and exciting as possible (yes, that IS an option!). Finally, we want your heart to skip a beat when you see your flowers on your wedding day, we want to take your breath away as walk into your venue and see all of our hard work come to life. These are your wedding flowers after all. Let us make them amazing.Our design philosophy is simple: our inspiration comes from nature, from all of its intriguing possibilities. Bringing this beauty in, appreciating its grace, its poetry, its fleeting nature and it's imperfections is what we strive to do every day.


At Atelier Carmel, weddings is what we do best. From boutonnières to bouquets, centrepieces, garlands, arches and chuppas, cake decoration, hanging gardens, we love it all, arrangements big and small...

We believe in crafting celebrations that are a reflection of the bride and groom and a truly unique and memorable experience for their guests. Whether you are planning a boho, rustic chic barn wedding, and edgy urban loft wedding or a timeless old-Hollywood wedding, we want to be a part of it! Each wedding we work on starts with your story and becomes a customized creation that speaks of who you are.


We offer full-service floral design, as well as complete event design.

Bespoke weddings services start at 1500$



For the adventurous and laid-back, we have created this new service which we are really excited about!

You give us a few pointers, such as theme or color palette, and trust us with the details, like flower choices and vase purchases. The final result is up to us, a surprise from us to you on your big day. Sounds crazy? We believe this approach gives you the most bang for your buck. By being able to take advantage of last-minute deals, find cool local flowers, buy vases in bulk and streamlining the design process, we are able to offer exceptional value to our most trusting brides.


Our À la Carte services are the perfect option for more intimate weddings or DIY brides. Maybe you simply need couple of bouquets and boutonnières because you’re making the centerpieces yourself, or perhaps you’ve decided on an understated celebration and only have a few tables to decorate. Whether it’s because you love the idea of creating most of your décor yourself or because of budget constraints, you’d be surprised at what we can arrange for you! 

From magazines to books, branding campaigns to catalogues and product launches, if you need a floral touch in your project we're all in!


With experience ranging from more traditional corporate clients to totally-out-there artistic designers, styling flowers and props is one of our favorite things to do. Our attention to detail and imaginative concepts are second to none and our clients include L'Oréal, Matt & Nat, Éditions Cardinal and Mariage Québec to name just a few. We are also totally at ease working on Television and movie sets. 


When we're not busy making weddings look wonderful, we can usually be found at a photoshoot

or working on styling projects