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At Atelier Carmel, weddings are what we do best. From boutonnières to bouquets, arches to chuppas, tablescapes to floating gardens, we love it all, arrangements big and small.


Wedding flowers can be much more than a gathering of beautiful stems. We view each couple as an opportunity to reimagine floral design, to create a concept that is a meaningful reflexion of our clients and that lives and breathes their vision for their wedding celebration. This translates into arrangements that organically fit their surroundings, are rich in detail, and will be discovered and savoured over the course of your entire event. We try to depart from the overly trendy, predictable or copycat weddings and craft curated flowers that will move and transport your guests.






Unforgettable flowers are what make our reputation, but client experience is just as important to us.

We want you to step out of our first meeting feeling inspired, your mind buzzing with new ideas. We want to make the entire process of designing and planning your wedding flowers as thoughtful and stress-free as possible. Finally, we want your heart to skip a beat when you see your flowers on your wedding day, we want to take your breath away as you walk into your venue and see all of our hard work come to life. Flowers are and filled with light and joy, and we want your experience with us to feel the same way.

From our first meeting onwards, we'll guide you through the different steps of our process. From choosing a mood for your flowers and focusing on a style and colour palette, to managing the floral budget in a smart and cost-efficient way, our approach is human and centred on your needs and inspiration, not ours. Our years of experience working with many different types of budgets, venues and size weddings enables us to minimize the amount of stress that can come with the planning process, and effectively reduce the time needed without compromising the quality of the end result.




For the adventurous and laid-back, we have created this new service which we're really excited about!

You give us the broad strokes, such as theme or colour palette, and trust us with the details, like flower choices and vase purchases. The final result is up to us, a surprise from us to you on your big day. Sounds crazy? We believe this approach gives you the most bang for your buck. By being able to take advantage of last-minute deals, find cool local flowers, buy vases in bulk and streamline the design process, we are able to offer exceptional value to our most trusting brides.



We believe in crafting celebrations that are a reflection of the bride and groom and a truly unique and memorable experience for their guests. Each bespoke wedding we work on starts with your story and becomes a purposeful creation that speaks of the both of you. Together we'll discuss what colours, style, textures and other details will best translate your vision into living, breathing arrangements that will both delight and intrigue your family and friends.



Our À la Carte services are the perfect option for more intimate weddings. Maybe you simply need couple of bouquets and boutonnières because you’re making the centrepieces yourself, or perhaps you’ve decided on an understated celebration and only have a few tables to decorate. Whether it’s because you cherish the idea of creating most of your decor yourself or because of budget constraints, we're excited to provide the key floral elements you need to complete your look. 

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